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About Us

You just found Bearie's Garden!

We are a group of succulent enthusiasts who wish to do something good for the community. If you love succulent plants as much as we do, you would be thrilled to find out the wide variety of uniquely designed succulent planters offered in our store!

It has been an urban myth that succulents are low-maintenance plants. Sure, if you live in those wonder regions such as California, which are succulents' natural habitat. Depends on the environment, succulents are prone to dying from overwatering, root rotting, fungal diseases, and various kinds of pest attack. The list can go on. Despite all of those difficulties, we still love how they would show off their vibrant colour and chubby leaves when given enough sun and the right care. We never stop the hunting for new succulent species to add into our collection.

Shopping Succulent Pots at Bearie's Garden


After spending all those days and nights in my indoor garden, caring for my plants, I realized one thing: I haven't found any planter that is worthy to match the beauty of my succulents! The planter needs to have holes on the bottom to prevent succulents from root rotting; ideally, the planter needs to be accompanied with water saucer to keep your indoor garden clean and tidy; most importantly, the planter needs to be unique and stunning, just as our beloved succulents!

Not any longer! Nothing is better than fusing your passion with actions. We are glad to announce the launch of Bearie's Garden, a boutique store specialized in sourcing uniquely beautiful succulent planters from around the world, to help you complete that last puzzle to your perfect succulent dream!

We also offer seasonal rare succulent supplies which are usually difficult to source in Canada. We understand how much it means to be a succulent lover and collector and appreciate every effort you have made into taking care of your succulent collection and constantly hunting for new species to add to your garden.

Sincerely, we wish our store will be part of your succulent journey and hope you can share your dream and joy with us along your way.

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