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Rare Imported Succulents Preorder Rules

What is Succulent Preorder?

We curate, handpick, and source the rarest succulents around the world, directly from farms, so you can take advantage of the discounted price (typically 20-50% off the regular price) by purchasing through our pre-order process.

Why Preorder?

What's there for you?

As succulent buyers, you will:

  • Have the early access to some of the most popular and rarest imported succulents that are nowhere to be found in Canada. 
  • Enjoy the heavily discounted price (typically 20-50% off regular price) for purchasing those rare succulents. This is a great opportunity for experienced succulent collectors to acquire rare and normally pricey succulent varieties out there.

What's there for us?

Preorders also help us optimize our stock and procurement procedures, to allow us keep bringing new and great-quality plants to you.


How does Preorder Work?


We regularly create and update our preorder list of plants in this "Rare Succulents -- Preorders" collection. Each plant would have its expected shipping date indicated in the listing. Please allow one or two weeks of delay as the time required by custom inspection can vary and is out of our control.

For each pre-ordered plant, you can purchase one of the following options:

  • unrooted plant: this would be original status in which the plants are received on our end. Our plants are all sourced from overseas, and thus, to conform to the importation regulation, they would be unrooted or with very minimum roots upon arrival. However, we will communicate with you if the plants are in very bad shape, i.e., too dehydrated, stretched, or even dead, and we will work out a resolution for the matters, such as a partial or full refund. But please do understand, as a result of these plants being preorders and heavily discounted, their conditions would not be as ideal as our regular-priced plants, and thus, some extra care should be expected from your end to help them recover. With that being said, please be assured that all the pre-order plants that we ship out are definitely considered as healthy and would recover given enough time.
  • rooted plant: you can purchase this upgraded option, where we would take care of the plants upon receiving them and make sure they start to root before shipping them out to you. This process would take roughly two to three weeks, depending on the season and the particular type of the succulents. This option would still be significantly cheaper compared to our regular-priced plants, and you would have extra peace of mind upon receiving your plants as they have already recovered from the international transit.

Once we receive the shipment from the farms, we will perform our due diligence to inspect and assess the quality and healthiness of the plants. Once we confirm the plants are in good conditions, we will send pictures of the plants to you as a confirmation and prepare the shipping as soon as possible. For any foreseeable or unforeseeable delays on our end, such as unusually long custom processing time, or the plants being in an unhealthy status and would need extra time to recover, we will promptly communicate with you to explain the issues and work out a solution. 


Other important information

  1. Shipping fees: our standard shipping fees and free shipping rules apply.
  2. Cancellation: any pre-orders cannot be cancelled once we start processing your order. Please contact us within 24 hours after you place your order for any cancellation requests.
  3. Refunds and returns: as all of our other plants, returns are also NOT acceptable for pre-order plants. However, we will be glad to offer you refund should you find the plants you receive are clearly unhealthy, beyond the reasonable degrees of dehydration and colour fading. Please send picture proofs within 48 hours after the package is delivered. As our regular refund policies, we are not responsible for any delivery delays outside of our control, such as the buyer's not being able to pick up the package in time, or Canada Post strikes, etc.  
rare succulent Echeveria hoveyi
rare succulent Graptopetalum titubans variegata