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Rare Succulent Haworthia Glass emelyae var. comptoniana J.D.Venter & S.A.Hammer (Unrooted)

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Rare Succulent Haworthia Glass emelyae var. comptoniana J.D.Venter & S.A.Hammer (Unrooted)
Haworthias appreciate bright light, adequate moisture in the summer, and relatively drier conditions in the winter. Compared to echeverias, they prefer more frequent watering schedules.
If you wish to maintain their compact and small size, make sure you plant them in a small planter and water them with a minimum level of water. You can purchase suitable small-sized succulent planters separately from our store.

It is crucial to use a porous growing medium for succulents. Most succulents enjoy bright direct sunlight and infrequent watering schedule. If you found your succulent starts to revert to a greenish colour and the space between leaves becomes less compact, it is a signal that you need to increase its sun exposure.

Product Dimension:

  • 7-8cm in the diameter

Other Information:

  • Please note, due to importation regulations, this plant is unrooted.
  • If the day-time temperature in your area would drop below 5°C by then, please include our winter shipping kit to ensure your plants' safety.
  • This plant cannot be shipped outside of Canada.
  • Please note each plant is different and would look slightly different from the picture.
  • Please be assured that we would pick the healthiest plants from our stock when preparing for your order.
  • Please note all plant purchases are not eligible for returns or exchanges. However, if you receive an obviously unhealthy or even dead plant, please take a picture of your purchase, and contact us immediately. We will handle your case and issue a refund if applicable. Plant damage due to unexpected shipping delay (e.g., Canada Post strikes, unexpected weather condition, buyer's unavailability for delivery) will not qualify for a refund.

Care Instructions:

Upon receiving your plants, unpack immediately to minimize the transportation shock which is common among shipped plants. Although succulents are generally very drought tolerant, depending on the delivery method and the traveling distance, they can still appear a bit dried out. In this case, please first inspect your plants to check if there is any dark spot on the leaves and remove those leaves immediately.

For rooted plants, if they appear to be too wrinkled, you can try the so-called "water therapy" method for succulents to give them a good drink before potting them into the soil. After potting, water gently until they appear to be settled down in your new home. For unrooted plants, simply put them on top of dry soil, and wait for them to root. No need to water them until they start to grow new roots. 


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